Fifty Shades Of WTF

The first in a trilogy by new author, E.L James, Fifty Shades of Grey, has been dubbed “Twilight for adults.” This nickname suggests a daring comparison.

It seems hard to imagine how one could mimic the story of stubborn, unadulterated, mortal, teenage girl commits to angst-filled, dreadfully attractive, vampire, teenage boy in a way that could appeal stronger to the adult demographic. Well, get ready female adult population because James’s first novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, is spattered with Stephanie Meyer’s fame-making elements—but ignores the vampire bit, plants the protagonists in their twenties, and thrusts in an erotic fancy for bondage, discipline, submission, and dominance. Continue reading

A Good Place To Start…


When my mom called me that evening I thought someone had died.

“Mom! Breathe! I can’t understand you. Calm down. What happened?”

“Tyler drove up from school today and sat your father and I down,” she started sobbing again.

Oh shit. They knew. So far it had been a secret between me and my brothers, and I suppose most of my brother, Tyler’s, sexual conquests. Continue reading

A concealed or muddled direction of thought contrary to what is revealed that is nurtured by an essential feeling or influence.